Vacations don’t have to be stressful. You don’t need to spread yourself thin trying to do all the touristy stuff. You can go for relaxing activities to maximize your stay.

Here are just some of the relaxing activities that you can do while in BC:

1. Stay at a resort in BC and take advantage of all the amenities

You can spend your time in a Beautiful resort in BC such as Painted Boat. This resort in BC gives you a beautiful view of the Pender Harbor. You will feel soothed with the waterfront view and feel closer to nature. They also have spa amenities if you need some rest and relaxation.

Their spa services include massage sessions from a registered massage therapist. The place also has a hot tub equipped with a man-made waterfall. And to relieve all the tension and stress in your body, take advantage of their saltwater pool. That should draw away the tightness in those muscles. You can spend a day or two in this resort in BC getting pampered.

2. Try the hot springs

There are so many hot springs in BC. You can check out Ainsworth Hot Springs, Radium Hot Springs, Nakusp hot springs, and the Liard River hot springs. You can even enjoy these hot springs in the winter. The temperature goes as high as 52 degrees Celsius even in the winter. It will be a unique experience soaking in these hot springs while watching the snow-covered surroundings.

3. Go fishing

Do you still want to be outdoors but don’t like doing too many things? Fishing just might be the perfect activity for you. There are fishing groups that will organize your fishing trip. They can take you to the best fishing locations through sea or air charters, show you the ropes in fishing and provide you with meals for the day. They also have the equipment already so you don’t need to bring your own.

4. Take a stroll along the beach

Just enjoy the beach. Walk along the sandy beachside areas, pick up some shells, and enjoy the ocean view. Some of the popular spots for this activity are Tofino, Tribune Bay, and Wreck Beach. You can also go on a picnic on these beaches with your loved ones. Many beaches are also pet-friendly.

5. Go hiking

Hiking may require more effort but you will be surprised to find that it’s actually a relaxing activity. You can take your time on the trails and just enjoy the view. Stop in areas where you can just bask in the beauty of nature.

So here are the activities you might want to try when you go to BC. They are relaxing activities but they are also still memorable.

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